We produce LED lighting for your living room made to measure for you.

LED lights made to measure for all applications in your living room.

You are looking for LED lights of special kind?
Living rooms nowadays are illuminated with a combination from directly and indirectly shining lights.

The right choice for the basic lighting is an indirect recess illumination with our ShipLED flex- or our ShipLED profiles lighting systems. These are individually converted for your application. Various power classes and light colors are available in order to have the best light solution for every application.

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Our ShipLED spots are particularly suitable for directed light guidance. High-quality materials as V4A stainless steel and anodized aluminum are thus united with newest LED technique.

They can be coated with various decors just as well as our ShipLED profiles. There are no limits to colors and designs. The surface is additionally protected by powder coating.

Our ShipLED profiles LED lights can also be purchased as suspended lamps for a specific illumination of tables and furniture. A shelf illumination can also be realized with our profile systems.


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